ZEO Office Surankote Organizes Successful Public Outreach Program at Various Locations of The Zone

Surankote, Nov 20: Following the directions of School Education Department J&K, ZEO Office Surankote Organized a dynamic public outreach program at MS Hisabwali which marked a significant effort in Community Mobilization. The event aimed to bridge the information gap between the School Education Department and the general public of the region, with a special focus on initiatives of SED such as School Management Committees and School Development and Management Committees.

Local population surrounding Government MS Kalsan Sheindra attending Community Mobilization Program.

The events were attended by a diverse group of stakeholders, including Teachers and the general public from the villages of Zone Surankote. The programs facilitated a direct dialogue on the educational landscape. Resource Persons provided comprehensive information about various educational initiatives, elucidating the roles and benefits of SMCs and SDMCs in nurturing community engagement and enhancing the overall educational environment of the remote region.

Pertinently, School Education Department continues its community-centric efforts and such events play a foundational role in creating awareness, partnerships with local communities, and strengthening the foundation for quality education in the region.

RPs passionately shared framework about SMCs and SDMCs and ensured everyone understood how these initiatives are like the building blocks of the education sector. They emphasized that the initiatives of SED will show fruitful results only when local populace will work hand-in-hand with the School Education Department.

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