Pir Panjal Post is a blogging outlet which aims at educating people and creating awareness on the issues concerning human society like Education, Politics, Economics, Science, art and literature. The main focus of this blog is on encouraging the budding writers, poets, painters, calligraphers, photographers etc. Besides, it intends to serve the vernacular languages.

Founded in September 2017, Pir Panjal Post is the brainchild of Mujahid Mughal who himself has been writing columns for various regional, national and international magazines, newspapers and online portals, is the editor-in-chief of the Pir Panjal Post.

The farsightedness in Mujahid's idea was given shape by Ajaz Ahmed Khawaja who is the chief designer of the website. Ajaz is also the social media associate who lends his hands to editing, as well. 

The Pir Panjal Post caters specifically to those budding writers and artists, who find it hard to reach out to publishing avenues.

With more than five hundred columns already published in Urdu and English, Pir Panjal Post intends to expand its reach to incorporate contributions in vernacular languages of the Pir Panjal region as well, which would not only boost the morale of local writers but also help preserve the languages and dialects which are dying a slow death.

Apart from covering the lives and works of intellectual personalities of the region, the online portal also intends to explore the region's natural, cultural and heritage assets, in the public interest.

This outlet is also distinct in the sense that it carries pieces on budding young prodigies, by publishing their special stories too.

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