Ignominious death | Rani Prabha

Temples  mosques churches tall
Conch, Qunut nor bells toll
Grievers moan scarcely on decease befall
Vague stillness seize overall 

Death meander at large unmasked
The potent impoverished fear masked
Dear ones dread to dare part
That unholy hour may rip apart

Pyre rose in uncertain bounds
Burials obscured in unknown grounds
Privileged, poor mighty and pious
Beg for breath in lost discourse

Ganges that ran pallid and untainted 
Engorge in festering limbs and stained
Not  the sacred nor the scared
Save  that gloom slyly  thread

Loved tears, wreaths nor prayers
To die unceremonious ahead of hour
Coffins bare destitute of farewell
Disgrace death thus mislaid every honour

About the Poetess: Rani Rathna Prabha K. V. is an Assistant Professor of English Literature at Government First Grade College Sirsi, Karnataka. She's an alumnus of Bangalore University.

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