Thank You AMU | Dr. Mazar Ali Shah

 “All praise and thanks to Allah whose compassionate will and grace enabled me to accomplish my Task.”

I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to Aligarh Muslim University. Moreover, I wish to extend a humble tribute to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the visionary founder.

I entered AMU in 2012 from a small place in Jammu and Kashmir since then I have learnt a good deal about life and humankind, which has helped transform a lot within me. Besides this, I have completed my Masters and Ph.D in political science, for which I'm indebted to AMU.

At this stage, I would like to express my gratitude to the supportive staff, friends within the campus, and outside along with the Moulana Azad Library whose memory will be cherished forever.

My special thanks to teachers, Mentor Prof. Mirza Asmer Beg, for being inspiring and supportive.

  A few lines of Tarana.......

Har Shaam Hai Shaam-E-Misr Yahaan, Har Shab Hai Shab-E-Sheeraz Yahaan

Hai Saare Jahaan Kaa Soz Yahaan Aur Saare Jahaan Kaa Saaz Yahaan

Zarraat Kaa Bosaa Lene Ko, Sau Baar Jhukaa Aakaash Yahaan

Khud Aankh Se Ham Ne Dekhii Hai, Baaytil Kii Shikast-E-Faash Yahaan

Ye Mera Chaman Hai Mera Chaman, Main Apne Chaman Ka Bulbul Hun


Dr. Mazar Ali Shah. NTA-UGC-NET 2019,   has published papers in a number of Magazines and Reputed Journals of England, China and India, contributed chapter in an edit book volume, has participated in National and international conferences, seminars, and workshops.

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