An Invitation | Rani Prabha | Poem

 I'm happy you invited

I'm invited  for food

You say,  a special roti is made of

That I usually don't trade

You say, a sweet chutney is made

That suits  just your estate

You say a kheer  too will be served

A  rarity in  no other home found

I'm happy you invited.

You say  you won't be able to 

On any birth or festive day

You cannot tend 

Along with people from your end

Delicacies made for  evening  remained

You remembered, I'm yet to be called

You say I'm invited.

You say I eat spicy and meat

Food That your"s cannot compete

You say  you seldom  invite

People who are discrete.

It is only labourers in farm

Who at backyard luncheon.

I'm happy you invited

With no prejudices motivated

But sorry not today

Perhaps on a day, 

Sweeter shall be the gay, 

You  feel free to sip my cup

And the taste shall spice it up

Along the creed sweat their brow

With you dine in row

Fresh leaves evenly spread

With Smiles  naturally bred

Earthly rice cooked on heath

Served with heart not with teeth

About the author: Rani  Rathna Prabha KV is an Assistant Professor of English at Govt First Grade College Sirsi, Karnataka. She's an alumnus of Bangalore University.

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