I Am Born A Mother | Rani Prabha

Rani Prabha with her son

The day I was born 

A mother with you 

 the heart leapt in vanity

Joyful tears held in sanity 

 A miracle of life in bundle 

Wrapped  secure and gentle 

Inquisitive, I trace delicate 

 Lips, hair and eyes in sedate 

A   more of me again.

Divine charm dawn

Was it he or I in him born 

With him, pains are gone. 

Time sped or he grew tall

 on my  feeble heels I rise

To measure up with his shoulder 

And proudly place a kiss tender

in joy  he swings me

Despises while in anger 

It draws  had I known 

So soon, my baby is grown. 

About the Poetess: Rani Rathna Prabha K. V. is an English poet who is working as an Assistant Professor of English at Government First Grade College Sirsi, Karnataka. She's an alumnus of Bangalore University. The Poem has been written on the 18th birthday of her son, Jeevith.

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