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    Shall we go to the fair.
    On a small hill top
    Rests the deity at the central town clock.
    Frenzy crowd come from all walks
    To chatter banter and all talks.
    Flying colourful Balloons in the air
    Floats along bubbles gayly fare.
    Dances a puppeteer tiny toy dog
    Another pushes purple softy hog.
    Straw lacy satin hats and caps
    Stray lovers selfie maniacs in love's wraps.
    Shall we go to the fair
    Buy jewels all stones, fibre, in radium glare
    Fond names engraved on a Rice bare.
    Orange,green,plane and pink bevarages
    Smoky crispy compelling sausages.
    Try cars,  bikes, boats and trains
    Giant wheels that unshackle the strains.
    Its lot more life there
    Moments as such are rare
    Time we go to the fair.

    About the Poetess: Rani Rathna Prabha K. V. is an Assistant Professor of English at Government First Grade College Sirsi, Karnataka. She's an alumnus of Bangalore University.

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