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    Hope | Dr Mudasir Firdosi

    Let’s talk of hope
    Hope to be, to exist, to live
    To breathe free, talk and cry
    To laugh and smile, joke and giggle
    Let’s talk about being human
    Human to ones own being, body, and soul
    Human to other beings, men and women
    Children, those aged and not able to stride
    Human, but humane to all colours and shapes
    human to the lovers of all gods, of all deities, and of none
    Let’s talk, not of hate anymore.
    Hate consuming the reason for no good gain
    Hate dividing families, villages and inner peace
    Hate burning the soul into a hideous unknown.
    Let’s talk of hope, to hope for spring again
    Full of flowers of all shades, blossoming full on
    The ambiance, an eternal cure for tired souls.
    Let’s talk of hope of a rising sun
    Warm, glowing, creating life on the muck.
    Sweet sleep under the shade of the walnut tree
    and falling leaves of Chinar on banks of the Dal
    Let’s talk of love, unadulterated flowing through
    the eyes, meeting briefly for the first time
    Love to cure us of our misery and malign.
    Let’s talk of hope to be here tomorrow,
    in peace, for what we cherish will come.

    About the author: Dr Mudasir Firdosi is MBBS, MD, PGDip, MRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist & Honorary Senior Lecturer at St George's, University of London 

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