Smartphones: The Technical Imprisonments | Ghulam Hussain Kassana

Ghulam Hussain Kassana owns a high-end smartphone and is an active user of Facebook.  He further writes that It's true that smartphones exercise a great significance on the human life in the present age in several aspects. They have replaced all the conventional communication methods with an effortless substitute.

It is indeed true that smartphones do impact our social and personal life in a number of ways as we use them more than necessary. More than what they have been made for. Thus they have effected our relationships, our behaviours leading to a condition of total dependency on them.
Ghulam Hussain Kassana

Needless to say that our dependency on smartphones is increasing with each passing day. Unfortunately our pleasures and happiness are attached to the smartphones and smartphone technologies.

It is indeed unfortunate that we at present can compromise with our food habits but we can't live without internet connection and a smartphone. It won't be that much exaggeration to say that losing person is smaller a loss than losing a friend.

We all know that earlier it was food which was used as a weapon but now in response to turmoil internet is being snapped (especially in J&K) for making smartphones useless.

We are eradicating our real relationships while developing relationships on social sites in the virtual world. We all have therfore a few real life friends but our social media friends are in thousands. We hardly know people in our real life but we remain busy in chatting with unknowns.

Although we carry our memories in our pockets but our skulls have become hollows. We think that we are developing but actually we are degrading while smartphones are developing.

Impacts of smartphones are not limited to a single age group. We all are effected by them. The children of our times spend most of their time in front of screens. They are more passionate about gaming with smartphones than any sports. Sadly we allow them to use smartphones as an expression of our love.

We need to use smartphones efficiently by not allowing them to dictate our lives. We shouldn't allow our smartphones to interfere in our relationships and direct our behaviours. We need to reclaim face-to-face conservations and group discussions to maintain our relationships. 

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