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    PEF, Revolutionizing Public Schools | Sunaina Malik

    In addition to the efficient, dedicated and hardworking teaching faculty, curriculum, infrastructure and well defined evaluation system, teacher training has also been an indispensable part of a modern healthy educational system. 
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    Undoubtedly, an untrained teacher is like stagnant water which soon loses its importance and utility. Although, from time to time, Govt. has been arranging different training and skill enhancement camps for teachers in order to equip them with the changing world of education which can benefit students in classroom, but the irony is all these trainings remained confined within the four walls of ‘training centers’ and  subsequently failed to deliver on the ground. 

    To make a difference, in the year 1994, there came a revolution in many educational institutions, when a Mumbai based NGO namely Pratham Educational Foundation (PEF) under the supervision of its founder Madav Chowhan, Farida Lambay and CEO Dr. Rukmini Banerjee came into existence. PEF with activity based learning approach has totally changed the orthodox concept of teaching and learning. The NGO today, is working both at national as well as international level. 

    Starting from the slums of Mumbai, it has now reached the Pratham workers are working in 23 states and union territories of India. As per written records Pratham- Govt. Partnership Program has reached up to 139408 schools till 2016-17. At present, in collaboration with SSA, Pratham along with its wing (Parvaaz) is leaving no stone unturned in spreading the activity based learning in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This project Parvaaz has got a wide ground level acceptance in the state under the supervision of Dr. Parveen Sayeed (J&K programme head), Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed (state coordinator), Mr Rayees Ahmed Bhat (MME) and Mr Zahoor Ahmed (SRG). 

    PEF’s has achieved this great feat through:

    1- Reduction Of Communication Gap
     A healthy educational environment can only be created if the communication gap among students and teachers would reduce to zero. It is only then a teacher can reach up to the level of students and students can follow the directions of teacher. 

    2- Opening The Minds Of Students
    Opening of minds of students is the basic necessity of a healthy class room because teaching efforts of any magnitude would never benefit a child if, he/she sits with his/her mind closed the in classroom. PEF always focuses on the opening of minds of students with different activities like bringing attractive TLM in classroom or by sharing something interesting therein. Once teacher has opened the minds of students, he can inculcate knowledge of any magnitude in their minds. 

    3- Activity Based Learning
    Activity based learning is the very soul of pratham Educational Foundation because it ensures 100% involvement of students in learning process. 

    4- From Simple To Complex 
    Unlike our NCERT syllabus, pratham has come up with such study material which moves from simple to complex, removing every obstacle from path of learning of a child. 

    5- Grouping Of Students 
    Dividing class in to groups as per their intellect will debar intelligent lot of class to suffer with less intelligent students. But grouping must be done without informing the students so that they may not feel marginalised in the class. 

    6- Definite Evaluation System 
    Last but not the least, Pratham teaching is supported by a definite evaluation system. First, students are subjected to base line test then after two months students would be subjected to mid-line test and so on and so forth. 

    About the Author: Sunaina Malik is a Ranjouri based writer. She can be contacted at maliksunaina786@gmail.com

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