Bullets Are No Solution | Zeeshan Syed

Zeeshan Syed

If bullets would have helped in restoration of peace in the world, then there was no need of International peacekeeping organisations. A Bullet is secular. It doesn't have any specific religion, caste or creed. Whosoever has a trigger in his/her control, can use it against anyone. Militants, armed forces and spy agencies can all use and misuse a bullet. The gun carrying men using bullet-force against each other can be understood. But in Jammu & Kashmir, force is being used against non combatants. For instance, on the gunpoint if someone is asked for food by militants, the brave army kills and tortures him/her to disclose the links with militants. And if someone denies food to militants, consequences will not be good.

When we align ourselves with India, we are under regular threat from the rebels, and when we stand by militants, we are soft targets of belt forces. When we enter schools, the buildings are in possession of forces, when we return home we are allured for 'paradise' by rebels.

Anyhow after slashing down teen age in horror when we manage to enter in the educational institutions out of state, we are treated as aliens in the classrooms. By hook or crook we complete our education and get back to the state only to be deprived of a moderate employment. So the young minds are eventually embarrassed by the questions that society raises about their calibre and education. 

In the haphazard, but changing life only one thing remains constant- Violence. And that makes us mentally sick, throughout our lives. Bullets indeed have added miseries to our lives. They don’t allow one to sleep. Forests, villages and towns haunt us. But bullets do visit us. And then they ask us to choose between choose between "bullet and ballot". Choose between "terrorism and tourism".

The rich (nations) made these bullets to be consumed by the poor. How can it be a solution? How can it bring order and maintain peace? Can bullets ensure Justice? If not so, should not the poor nations stop purchasing bullets? Should not we move towards ballot? If yes, then when?

About the Author: Zeeshan Syed is an RTI activist and State President of Haq Insaf Council. He belongs to Poonch.

Disclaimer: The views f the author are strictly personal and do not in anyway represent the views of the Pir Panjal Post.

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