Aabha Hanjura coming to sing on Dal banks, courtesy Cultural Academy

Art Academy of Jammu And Kashmir , Culture and Languages is going to organize a maiden musical show ‘Saaz-e-Kashmir’ of budding Kashmiri folk and Sufi and artist Aabha Hanjura at SKICC lawns on September 16, 2017.

According to a spokesman of JKAACL, the entry to the concert will be only by invitation.

Pertinently, Aabha Hanjura gave up her lucrative job to pursue a career in music. Aabha has been performing since 2011 and started her own music band, Sufistication, in 2012. Her latest track ‘Hukus Bukus’ is making quite the waves, with lakhs of views on YouTube.

Aabha is exceedingly passionate about Kashmiri Music. “My love for Kashmir is a never ending affair. Kashmir has a beautiful culture. I want to bring that out in my music. I want to bring the sound of Kashmir out of Kashmir. In fact I want to take it out of India and put it on the world map. That’s my ultimate goal”, the official spokesman quoted Aabha saying.

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