I sit facing hot sun

Stretching slothful morning 

Its women's day 

Poured wishes bold and blind

Replying those spirits

Wary and wondering

That had wished from

 stinky kitchen, warm bed

Sipping tea, reclining porch

Carpeted or scraped floor

Walking stretch, nudgy bus

On seat belt, drivers seat

Sun tanned beach, sandy mounds

All they said in one voice 

And more, wishing the same

Not just today

They said, but every day.

I smiled.... Kept it intact

For reason unknown

Wishing same to all

Picturing them in light

Mom, sis, friend, family

neighbour, unknown contacts....

A fisher woman cried 

Variety of fish, fresh and good 

In a while she cried back

Sister, do buy its good

Make a choice, negotiate 

If you want. ten less or more

Consider i'm at the door

I still watched....

Woman make a choice 

touch and feel pay the worth

Annoyed with silence 

She rose, you say yes or no

You know what is good

If I sit long, heat will cook it all

I have doors to deliver

Prawns are costly, I said

Then choose cheaper, she said 

That doesn't substitute them 

Sister it's your bid now...she said,

You know the good and fair

Prawns are todays catch

Worthy of your choice

 dont compromise on your choice

Nor do choose quick compromise.

Gazing still stales it all

There are doors waiting for

About the Poetess : Rani Rathna prabha K V is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, GFGC, Hukkeri. She is an alumus of Bangalore University. She writes poems and short stories in english.

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