Eve of Valentine

It’s eve of valentine

Secret blossoms picking time

Some young mind had said

The bell shall toll

On sacred heart tall

The day all be bright

Cupid will strike right

For the bereaved spirit

That cursed the dark moon

Valentine shall knock

On knees undo hearts lock

You shall smile at the moon

And beg blessings soon

Joy shall swell abound

In embrace breach bounds

Cold weather shrivel afar

In glowing eyes lightening star

Did the world ever subsist

In love great doubt resist

A rose, a ring, a word, a kiss

More to fool that you exist....

Oh! In the name of valentine

Romantic fools one remain

The charm and mystic all gone

When none returns till dawn

A day of mirth and dream

Spent in speculation grim

Virgin hearts drown in pain

Chanting unworthy and sustain

What folly to slowdown wits

Young minds in fantasy risks

A valentine is not drop a fall

But that chords hearts call

In fantasy does Cinderella pair

Down here it’s unlikely fair

Girl, know it’s not fairy tale

The cursed moon is neither dark nor pale

Should the moment be right

Sure the wings will take flight

About the Poetess : Rani Rathna Prabha K V is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, GFGC, Hukkeri. She is an alumus of Bangalore University. She writes poems and short stories in English.

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