Earnestly | Rani Rathna Prabha K. V. | Pir Panjal Post

Had it all transformed

Like the passing years

We stand you and me

The possessive bench

We shared on the lane

Passes grave and sour

That staged futile vows

Of union and worship

The silence we sat 

Caressing fingers, pressed

In each other’s Palms

In unruffled enchanting tune

Hours gazing towards

Unlisted vision and thought

Moments  that laced

Intense and delicate

The noise, the silence, 

The disparities, the realisations, 

The grumble, the compromise

The opulent care, sensible smile

The fervour, the grimy play

To drench in rage

Then spoil in embrace

Weary hours, the wait...

We let it rip off

Like a jolty slide

Alleged to have eternally moved 

Yet, not the thoughts

That plays it all earnestly

About the Poetess: Rani Rathna Prabha K. V. is an English poet who is working as an Assistant Professor of English at Government First Grade College, Karnataka. She's an alumnus of Bangalore University.

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