Opinion | Black Lives Matter | Waseem Banday

* Is this the only fate of all black men?
* Does a black life matter to the world?
* Is US headed towards another apartheid?
* How about the dreamland that guaranteed a dignified life and an egalitarian society?

The strangulation of George Flyod by a white supremacist police officer is reminiscent of apartheid Africa, where black men were equated with monsters and uncivilised boors.

It seems that "Long Walk To Freedom" is still an unaccomplished dream for Black men. The officer without being adherent to the precious life of a human went on kneeling his throat untpil he bade validation to the world of injustice. Or racism.

The ruffian in uniform bereaved Floyd to breathe and  thence snatched away his right to life.

A question arises here; where is the concept of American Dreamland which promised America to be another heaven where every human being, irrespective of  any colour  or creed. The dreamland where everyone was to be treated with unprecedented deference, honour and which guaranteed a life replete with equality, justice, fraternity and liberty.

Doesn't George deserve the share of American dream? Humans vaingloriously thump their own chests to have achieved unsurmountable apogees of development but we've forgotten the basic human values of fellow feeling and equality.

About the author: Waseem Banday is a student of B.Sc semester VI at GDC Poonch. The views expressed by the author are personal.

#JusticeforGeorge. #BlackLivesMatter

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