Avowal - Rani Rathna Prabha K. V.

Source: Internet

I'm moved not for
You rang at mid  hour
Nor for the wish you bid
But for the values you held
That which could cost
The  very love.
Try to be a little selfish
I'm scared ,this virtue
Will only leave me
In obsession for you
That my pride be
Hurt to confess.
Wish I had not met ,
Now, it  being set
My prayer , don't bargain
my love for your morals
allow me , if not for true,
To believe you  are mine
 As long as my thoughts survive

About the Poetess: Rani Rathna Prabha K. V. is an Assistant Professor of English at Government First Grade College Sirsi, Karnataka. She's an alumnus of Bangalore University.

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