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An Open Letter to DDC, Rajouri.

Dear DDC, 
With due respect and humble submission, I would like to bring into your kind notice some very important facts regarding the large scale loot by private schools, operating in different parts of district Rajouri. 

Sir, spring marks the beginning of academic session in our schools. Students enrol themselves in schools in the hope of learning and seeking knowledge. It is a fact that a majority of our population prefers private schools over government schools.This happens primarily due to the poor conditions of public sector schools. 

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It has become a norm that public schools are meant for the poor and the private schools are meant for the rich. For obvious reasons, the trend is highly prevalent our society and is devouring the whole system.  Receiving education in public schools and private schools has become a sort of disgrace and pride, respectively. Hence the private schools witness admissions of a large number of students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. 

Dear Sir, in lure of getting better education, many private school owners of Rajouri District force innocent parents to buy books, uniforms and even school bags from schools or the school affiliated shops, which is a violation of an order issued by you office, recently. It is really unfortunate to see many schools are not accepting same-content books, which are available at a cheaper rate than those provided by schools or school-affiliated bookstores. It is equally painful to see some private schools in outskirts of Rajouri district 'functioning' in shops with shutters, which is a mockery of education system. This implies clear negligence of PWD and Education Department which permit them to do so. 

Having said that, I would like to apprise you that , I myself on several occasions, have got to know from many parents that private school owners force them to pay heavy amounts money for the admissions of their wards. A renowned institute of Rajouri has in fact fixed entrance fee of RS 500 before getting admission which is non-refundable. I couldn't ascertain what kind of future we are building for our next generations ? 

Some of my mates at Govt PG College, Rajouri who beong to the areas like Gambhir Mughlan, Manjakote, Thanamndi, Chowdhary Nar etc., revealed the fact that the condition of private schools at these villages is worse. These schools are function only to earn money, by either looting  parents or getting fixed commission from booksellers and cloth merchants. As a student from a humble background, I share the pain of those students who come from the marginalised backgrounds and are forced to buy books at a costlier rate. 

With humble submission, it is requested to your good-self to please to keep a keen eye on the private schools of Rajouri, to save peple from being exploited. 

Best Regards,
Aquib Wani

About the Author: Aquib Wani is a student activist who is pursuing graduation from Govt PG College, Rajouri, J&K

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author are strictly personal.

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