Resentment Among Unemployed Engineers Of District Kishtwar

Members of Unemployed Engineers Association of District Kishtwar castigated Chenab Valley Power Project (CVPP), a joint venture of NHPC, JKPDC and JKPTC ignoring the genuine and just cause of Kishtwar district. The members of Unemployed Youth Association of district Kishtwar urged the CVPP to withdraw its recent  recruitment notice issued at the national level and insists to give preferences to the local unemployed Degree/Diploma engineers.

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Dool Hasti Project

The members of Unemployed Engineers Association of district Kishtwar won't allow the hydel companies to use  their resources and at the same time treat them like slaves. So, the residents of Chenab valley particularly of District Kishtwar must be given first preference in all the hydro power projects that are coming up at the cost of environmental geographical hazards to the area. Recently, about hundred posts has been advertised of engineer trainees and JEs at national level causing serious resentment among the local unemployed engineers. The NHPC is earning corers of rupees from Dool Hasti Power projects but no  recruitment has been made by the corporation at local level in the last decade or more, hundred of youth are engaged as labourers but the technical and other staff is being brought from outside the state. The members of unemployed engineers are ready to fight their battle to any extant in case the CVPP authorities do not reconsider and modify the recruitment process, giving the first preference to the local unemployed engineers.

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