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Shephali Singh Choudhary, 27, was born to late Mr Bhajan Singh choudhary and Miss Nirantak Choudhary. Mr Singh was retired officer from Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) and Shephali's mother has served in School Education Department in the capacity of a Master grade teacher. Her only sibling is her brother who is a central govt officer. "Basically we are permanent residents of Raipur village of Samba district but due to my parent's job and subsequent postings, the family had to get settled in Logate Morh municipal area of Kathua district" reflected Shephali. 

She did her schooling from Little Angel's Higher Secondary School Kathua, and graduated from GDC Kathua. She is also a B.Ed from Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College Kathua. Having a post graduate degree in Environmental Sciences, from University of Jammu, she has a keen interest in Mandala art. 

A Mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. It is a Sanskrit term that implies a 'circle'. Mandalas usually have a focus or a centre from where emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms with a smart application of different colours.

Mandalas appear in both geometric as well as organic forms with recognisable images that conveys the multitude of meanings for the artist on work.Therefore, mandalas, like every other art blends inner worlds with the outer ones. Hence, like each art, it encompasses the limits of inspiration and healing."I am fascinated with colors, shapes and forms since the time immemorial" said Shephali Singh while talking to Pir Panjal Post. 

Shephali Singh

Citing the busy schedule from which Shephali takes her time out for her passion, she said "because of my studies, I did not get enough time back then to explore the different aspects and new dimensions of my interest, as an artist". She further added that "after completing my studies, I thought of giving shape to the ideas I pursued and carried out the venture from my home itself". She came across 'Mandala art' at the onset of pandemic only and gradually developed so much interest in the art that she decided to carry out an awareness campaign to let people know about this beautiful, still an uncommon art. The quest of the artist eventually led her into a small but an important business start up. While talking about the business that revolves around the art shephali said "the real purpose was to make people aware about the real meaning and purpose of this art and it's importance in Hindu and Buddhist tradition". The art" she summed up by saying, "is of tremendous significance with regard to the quest for attaching meditative meaning to life". Moreover it has been used for meditation, healing and praying purposes in the Indian society for long". It immensely helps in boosting the immune system by reducing stress and pain" expressed Shephali.

The Mandala artist was reminded of her first project that was on a cake base, made created as a special project in Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education (JKBOSE). "I received huge appreciation for my work" maintained Shephali while talking about her interest in Mandala. Subsequently people began to acknowledge her work in Kathua and outside. Shephali then began to recieve online and offline orders for the pieces of her work, for interior decorations.

In due course of time Shephali began to receive orders not only from various districts of Jammu and Kashmir but also from states like Rajasthan and Delhi (NCR).

The whole set up for the art is single handedly monitored by Shephali only that includes not only the procurement of raw material but also finalising the art piece for final delivery to the customer. "I am happy the way this art has not only transformed my personal life but also turned me into a self dependent enterpreneur" maintained Shephali Singh while concluding her conversation with the Pir Panjal Post. 

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