Renowned RTI activist takes on Poonch administration over construction on river bed

Poonch: Sudden and vast construction on the river bed near S K Bridge in Poonch has surprised many civil society activists as local administration seems to be oblivious of the danger it poses to lives of many.

 A young social activist from Poonch Ayaz Mughal has rung the bell and reminded all Poonchis of the havoc caused by 2014 floods in which the areas in question was swept away. 

The present administration in Poonch has looked the other way under the pressure of a select land mafia that is putting lives of hundreds of people in jeopardy. Pertinently, the then District Magistrate M H Malik had banned any construction in that zone. Ayaz Mughal furious at the inaction of local administration turned to social media site Facebook to lambast both the administration and the local residents. "We have already observed huge destruction in flash floods of 2014, yet people haven't learnt a lesson. But how is it happening under the nose of administration is question to ponder.", Ayaz posted on Facebook. Terming the ongoing massive construction near the banned zone,  Ayaz wrote, " A colony, being reconstructed within the Red Zone of River and that too without seeking the NOC from the concerned authorities, is nothing less than a sucide." Mughal alongwith few other public spirited individuals have reportedly sought time from Governor Satyapal Malik to apprise him about the devastation that lies ahead in case the ban is not enforced.

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