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PUBG game has taken the world by storm with over 100 million downloads in India and over 200 million downloads worldwide. The popular mobile game has become an instant hit since it was launched on mobile phones around the globe in March 2018.
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PUBG Restaurant Srinagar
Gauging the popularity of the game, Humaan Javed with two other friends, started PUBG themed cafe about a month ago. The initial response was only from the youngsters who played the game but now others are also being drawn in due to the unique theme of the restaurant.

"We were playing PUBG and suddenly decided to open this theme-based cafe. Initially, we had to struggle because of the situation here, but with the help of our parents we managed this," says Human Javaid, co-owner of the cafe.

The cafe is decorated with camouflage clothes and war room tables, even the pans have been specially designed based on the game. Cafe walls have been covered with the images and maps of PUBG.

Make sure to add this restaurant to your wishlist when you visit Kashmir next summer.

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