Paramedical Students Protest Against CMO Poonch | Pir Panjal Post

Poonch: A group of around 50 paramedical students belonging to the tehsil Surankote of district Poonch protested today against the CMO and District Hospital Poonch Administration for "cheating" them.

It was revealed that the applications for the post of pharmacist and Female Multipurpose Health Worker (FMPHW) were invited by the CMO Poonch, vide advertising notice number 03 of 218 dated 19-07-2018, in the last week of August, 2018 from the eligible candidates of district Poonch. Subsequently, the students from all the four tehsils of Poonch applied for the same. However, on January 28, 2019, when the entrance to the job was carried out at Government Degree College Poonch, the students from Surakote tehsil were denied entry to the entrance test.

The students were told that this job is reserved for the Mendhar and Mandi tehsils alone. "If the job was reserved for the Mendhar and Mandi Tehsils then who is going to pay for the priceless time and money that we spent in the application and preparation of this job" said an aggrieved aspirant. "They are lying. Because if it was only for the Mendhar and Mandi tehsils then how did they allow the candidates from Havieli tehsil for thr same" said another protesting student.

Advertisement notice issued by CMO Poonch

Students also shouted anti-distict hospital administration slogans and questioned the intebt of CMO Poonch, Dr Mumtaz Bhatti.

Talking to the Pir Panjal Post Dr Mumtaz Bhatti, CMO Poonch said that "did we sin by receiving application forms from all the tehsils", after reaffirming that the entrance has been solely reserved for the Mandi and Mendhar tehsils.

Speaking to the Pir Panjal post all the students demanded an independent probe into the matter.

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