Nayeema Mahjoor, Whose Tenure Was Going To End On June 24 Resigns As SCW Chairperson | Pir Panjal Post

Srinagar: Nayeema Ahmad Mahjoor has resigned as Chairperson of Jammu and Kashmir State Commission for Women (SCW) after the break in the PDP-BJP coalition government on Wednesday.
Nayeema Mehjoor, Ex Chairperson, SCW

“I have to resign because we don’t have a government left,” said Nayeema Ahmad Mahjoor. “I am a non-political person and I can’t fit in politics. And that’s not the problem with politics, that’s the problem with me. The system is not well for the intellectual to work here, people like me can’t work in a rotten political system,” she added.“The three year old term of chairperson JKSCW was ending on June 24” reported the Free Press Kashmir.

“I worked very hard in J&K and I have bought a revolution from the last 3 years regarding women issues and women awareness programs. It was me that did it efficiently otherwise the staff and infrastructure is below average. We have nothing here and every time you ask for this it takes ages for them to get everything in order,” she said.

 “Regarding the funds we got a huge expenditure from the National Commission for women, there was never a problem with funds and we used to apply them effectively,” she said.

“We are not an independent organisation, to give justice to the people associated we want to involve other departments. What is the point of having the institution when we have no power over it,” she added.“I am going to finish my book which was due last December, I couldn’t do it because of the job,” she further said.

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