Why politicians discuss Caste when we are surrounded with numerous problems? | Zeshan Syed

Zeshan Syed

DDC Poonch needs to monitor the on-ground situation and ensure maximum access of water to common masses

Ruling government has failed to deliver good governance.

States are quick to demand central funds to tackle water scarcity but show a little drive to implement water conservation plans.

As I traveled from Haveli to Mehandhar, the scene was frightening. The land is predominantly brown with a fast-depleting waterhole, dry water bodies, and empty hand pumps. Many water lifts schemes are non-functional, moreover, in violation of rules, various political stooges have managed connection from rising main of water lift's which has deprived villagers to access water.

Everyone, especially women, seems to have only one primary job: Search for water in various villages of Mehandhar. So intense is the scarcity that it is leading to social tension between the ‘water haves and have-nots’. Many families complained about upper castes cornering water lifting; others talked about how local politicians are directing officials of PHE to minimize the supply of water to various villages.

To my utter shock people of various villages have purchased motors from their pocket to access water but PHE department has miserably failed to even provide pipes.

Non-availability of pipes is also a myth which will be exposed as soon as we collect information from the concerned quarter's.

Moreover, lack of availability of water is bound to impact the Centre’s grand Swachch Bharat plans and also impact the health of the people.

"The water scarcity appears to have reached alarming proportions in border district-Poonch lying in J&K".

Nearly 50% percent villages in Mehandhar Assembly Constituency are facing complete state "inaction" regarding drinking water crisis in last three months.

Chief Minister in her outreach program had promised to provide Hand pumps but her commitment was not fulfilled timely due to which common masses faced acute water shortage in the Holy month of Ramzan.

"Inaction of Local Legislator and ruling government is reflected from the fact that a number of Handpumps and water lifts need Immediate repair to control the acute shortage of water but respected legislators can't even disburse funds from Constituency Development Fund to curtail the financial crunch Department is bound to face due to non-availability of funds.

For the last three months, not less than 40% of villages in Mehandar saw a severe shortage of fodder especially drinking water for cattle.

The state government appears to have "let the water -stricken Mehandhar down" in the face of drought.

About the author: Zeshan Syed is the working President of Haq Insaf Council.

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