Poonch Fort: Loosing Architectural Glory

I am waiting, eagerly waiting for the day when administration's hammer will strike at the illegal structures raised around Historical Poonch Fort and Bustand Poonch. Such structures not only encroach on the state land but also fades the glory of the historical momentous edifice.

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Poonch Fort

This historical monument is shedding the blood tears over its own pathetic condition. It is situated at the center of the city, but the discouraging aspect is that it is losing its original architectural glory. The structures which have been raised around the fort have cast a dwindling impact on the captivating beauty of this speaking fabric. Many of the structures raised above the level of the Fort have almost super-eagled its view. The total area of the Fort is about 20 Kanals as per the revenue record but the area around the fort have been illegally encroached upon by the people for their personal benefits throwing all legalities and moral scruples into the air. 

The notice has been issued to the encroachers by the concerned department but the extent of the reluctance of the encroachers crosses the limits when notice of eviction of the land does not make any difference to them. What should we infer from this oft-repeated negligence of the encroachers coupled with the dilly-delaying tactics of the concerned authorities? But surprisingly, a shopping complex in the premise of the fort; a school building at its back and a Patwar Khana have been constructed by 93 INF Brigade, Department of Education and revenue department flouting all ethics and the norms enshrined for the preservation of old and historical structures. 

To make the matters worse, some more privately-owned shopping complexes have been erected around this Fort making a negative difference to the historical and majestic appearance of Poonch Fort. The government, if its intention is clear, must consider it seriously and initiate legal action against them. If it is not done at the proper time then we shall be constrained to assume that encroachers are encouraged with connivance and complicity of the concerned authorities.

Ayaz Mughal is a social activist and Chairman of  Awake India

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