Independent People's Party President Aqib Shah greets people on Ramzan, announces his candidature for Lok-Sabha.

Jammu, May 17

Independent People's Party President Aqib Shah has conveyed his greetings to the nation as the holy month of Ramzan began today. Shah prayed for the country's prosperity and requested the people to coexist peacefully against all odds and to uphold India’s "Ganga-Jamni tehzeeb".IPP President also announced his  candidacy for the upcoming Lok-Sabha elections and disclosed that he will contest from Jammu-Poonch Lok-Sabha constituency. In an official statement issued from the party headquarters, he said that IPP is not just a political party, it's a vibe, a vibe that endeavours to strike a chord with the masses of J&K. We're here not just to trend, but also to set the trend, we're the trendsetters. Never has there been a time in Indian history which has witnessed a 26 year old up in arms against the crooked system, striving to change the dimensions of politics.I'm not bragging about myself, I'm not self obsessed. I just know that my decision is bold. Bold enough to rattle the likes of BJP, Congress, NC and PDP. IPP wants J&K to be freed from dynastic politics and divisive elements in "Khadi" who are hell-bent to destroy J&K's secular fabric, he added.

IPP President Aqib Shah

Shah, who's also a hexalingual author, spoken word artist, multilingual vocalist and an Advocate at the Jammu wing of J&K High Court revealed that his upcoming artistic projects and legal practice have hampered his political engagements, especially the ongoing statewide mass-connect. I'm preoccupied, I'm overburdened, but then, I've chosen this for myself and I'll work hard to cater to every sphere of my pursuit. He invited the youth fraternity, electronic and print-media journalists and members of the bar to join the party cadre. Shah stated that IPP calls for competitive politics and people from these spheres can thus turn out to be highly instrumental. Every citizen of this country, whatever or whoever he/she may be, is a part of Indian politics. Today’s politics, however, crave an era where nothing but merit prevails. This is high time we walked the talk. This is high time politics be detached from all sorts of communal,caste-based and region-centric prefixes and suffixes. This is high time we realised that this is high time. True leaders never divide to rule, they unite to lead. IPP advocates political dynamism. We must talk and preach Gandhi but we must also act Bhagat Singh,for the time has come. We must ensure that self-proclaimed custodians of Hindus, Muslims, Dalits and others are exposed before it’s too late. No community in this country is a particular party’s monopoly or ancestral estate. We are all one and we all must say it loud, loud enough for the world to hear.

IPP’s state-wide membership drive is about to start and we assure that we will reach out to each and every citizen/stakeholder of our state. I request the masses to always feel free and take pride in contacting us whenever they wish to on the following numbers, 7006981418, 90183 43439, 97973 14735, 98582 84468, 95960 30348. You can also call and inform us if you come across any act of human-rights violation, corruption, abuse of power or sexual harassment in any government or private establishment. We will ensure that the culprits are brought to book, he said. He also lashed out at the existing fellow political parties and said, Dogras exploited, Kashmiris betrayed, Paharis taken for granted and Gujjars swayed. Kashmiri Pandits made to lose their existence, West-Pakistan and POK refugees bullied. Enough of your “political melodrama”. Youth wings and Yuva Morchas ??? Why ???, To make youth carry party flags/placards, paste posters and fix hoardings ???? Enough of your “youth-empowerment”. It’s high time we showed you your place. We will fight for J&K’s credibility and we will hit you hard if the need arises. You’re going to get nightmares because you deserve them like anything. You deserve everything worst and more than anything, you deserve to lose and we’ll make sure that you do. Rest assured. You actually never won and now is the time for you to realize this fact. 

We’re independent of “appeasement-politics”.  We’re independent of “minority-card stunts”. We’re independent of everything which you’re a slave of. We’re Independent People’s Party and our name itself is our blueprint. You divided and ruled. We will unite and lead. IPP President also invited the youth to join hands for the party’s upcoming state-wide membership drive and assured that IPP’s fresh state cadre will be announced after the conclusion of membership.

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